Happenings in our Neck of the Woods

Wednesday mornings are my day off and I climbed the hill to see what the valley looks like these days.

image image

image image image

The rains stopped for a week and we braced ourselves for the beginning of the dry season.  But they have returned during the nights and we are still blessed with green!

I also checked out the work on the hospital property.  Here is a picture from the top of the hill of the hospital property.


And some more pictures of dirt, sand and more dirt on the hospital property.  Preparing the land and readying for the making of cement.  I think I heard they need sand for 660 square meters – but don’t quote me on that.  Something with a 6 in it 🙂  Boy talk.

image image image

The bottom picture is the rock crusher.  All of the sand and rock has been collected here from the river.

river mack truck


The workers have also been working on housing for a family that will be joining us in January….


I have spent the majority of my time down at the school finishing up the curriculum for the year.  We successfully working on plyometrics, electricity and circuits and how calories are calculated!  The year is coming to a close and there is a mountain of paperwork to do for the government.  I am hoping that the kids take away more from this year than the fact that it was exhausting and challenging.

image image image





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