About Me

Writing about myself is not something I readily enjoy… yet I would like you to have a personal touch of who I am as you explore our ministry as well.

I made my first trip to Guatemala in 2001 with a short term trip from Grove City College to serve at an orphanage about 30 minutes away from Canilla in the San Andres area.  Though I thought this would be my first and last time in Guatemala, God has had other plans.  On that trip I very, very briefly met Duane and Leslie.  Two years later I found myself moving to Guatemala to live with a family I did not know in an area I had never seen.  During that time I became invested in their ministry and began life on the mission field.

The next year I found myself back in the states as a public school teacher coaching basketball and teaching in Richmond, Virginia.  During that time I learned yet another culture and how to connect with people.  During the summers I was able to return to Guatemala to partner with Adonai as they continued to grow.   After three years I moved to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania to do the same thing and invest in the people in that area.  Thinking this is where I would be for a long time was my first mistake.  In May of 2013 when the pieces to the hospital and nursing school were put into place, I knew that I was needed at that time as well.  Over the years as we have sensed that a hospital would be built in our area, I have sensed that there would be a group of doctors that came on a rotating basis to do surgeries and oversee the severe needs within the area.  We did not seek out these doctors.  We did not ask for more help.  We merely waited on God and His timing to bring it all together.  When God started to move, He really moved quickly.

And so as the pieces came together (see About AIM) I also surrendered to God’s plan and joined AIM in August of 2013.  I believe very strongly that we each have a part to play in the care of those who are less fortunate in the world.  Those that are senders, goers, receivers, and pray-ers all play a significant role.  It is my overarching desire to link those who have a heart for the lost in the world to those who are searching.  If you are one of these who seek to see the gospel brought to every tribe, tongue and nation, let me know and I’ll be sure to give you a practical and feasible way that you can help.

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