Education Project



Originally born out of the need that Adonai faced for well-trained nurses to work at the expanded services clinicl, God has exploded the original vision of Adonai Education Project and worked out details in ways that only He could do! While the original plan was to put in an auxiliary nursing school (training at a level comparable to a LPN), in December of 2013, all doors shut on this program one month before it was supposed to open! Left with students registered and teachers hired for a program that was no longer an option, the Walton family (for more information click here) aided Adonai in setting up a school system that raised the level of nursing education and the educational options in general here in the Canilla area. Again, in a way that only God could, a system that normally would have taken years to gain approvals for and put into place, was approved and up and running in two weeks time!!

High School College Prep (STEM) school:

The high school program opened in January 2014; this 2 year program specifically focuses on higher level Math and Sciences (particularly Biology), with the purpose of training students for further study in the area of medicine – although they leave well-prepared to further study any career that requires a solid math and/or science base. The school is completely Guatemalan approved and functions under a Guatemalan set-up and curriculum; each class is staffed by Guatemalan teachers, although there is an opportunity for international volunteer teachers to work alongside the Guatemalan teacher in an augmentative role.

University of San Pablo Guatemala Professional Nursing Degree:

In February 2015, the University of San Pablo Guatemala ( joined with Adonai to open a satellite campus in Canilla with the inauguration of its first program, a 3 1/2 year Professional Nursing degree. Comparable to a Registered Nursing degree, this program not only raised the level of nursing education and training, but also gave the people of this area a chance to study a degree that normally they would have to travel 2 1/2 hours to study. It also further expanded the vision of the medical and educational components of Adonai as the students will be able to rotate through Adonai’s own medical facilities to complete their required practical hours. This program also functions under Guatemalan approval and curriculum, and is staffed by both Guatemalans and international volunteers.

Language Academy:

The language academy was born out of a desire by the local people for English classes and a need among the missionary community for Spanish classes. Opened in February 2014, the academy runs year-round and offers group or private classes for preschool- aged children all the way through adults; it has also become an amazing opportunity for ministry! The English classes are staffed primarily by international volunteers while the Spanish classes are taught by a hired Guatemalan.

Video Links:

Please click here for a chance to meet some of the people involved in the school, hear some of the stories, and understand more of God’s faithfulness in bringing about all that He is doing with this project through this video created in early 2014. Here is another short video from September 2015 that shows God’s continued faithfulness as it tours the school property as well as showing some of the students and staff involved in school activities. .

God has been so faithful each step of the way, and we continue to glorify HIs name in this place, trusting completely that He will continue to carry out all the He is doing here! If you are interested in more information or joining in what God is doing here, you can contact me at