Mission Generation


Our rainbow from Sunday….

We recently had a visit from two men whose vision is to see the curriculum of Mission Generation reach our area of Guatemala.  I look at this as another confirmation to continue to move forward and teach values to the next generation.  The vision of Mission Generation is

“Mission Generation exists to produce a proactive generation with purpose, principles and values. We seek to equip students, parents and teachers with the tools they need to make quality life decisions based upon a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.”                                                                                                            One of the things that I have done for years with my athletic teams and in the classroom is to use the power of positive motivation to reach young people.  I have continued this here, translating many of my documents into Spanish.  As I looked over this curriculum, I noticed some of the same stories and inspiration that I used in the states found in this curriculum.  I believe that so many of these lessons are cross-cultural.                                                   This group chose Guatemala because they felt a burden to reach the kids with this curriculum.  It is already having a positive impact in schools in Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay.  Last month we had another young person die from suicide here in our small, rural town.  This death put Canilla with the highest suicide rate in the country following other incidents this year.  For this, Mission Generation is anxious to begin to work in our area.  Not only will this curriculum be taught in our school, but it will be taught in the schools, grades K-12 in Canilla, Uspantan, and in schools in the city.  We estimate that it will reach over 10,000 students this year.   And yet, these men are taking the same step of faith that we are as they are trusting that the money comes in to start this pilot program in Guatemala.  To learn more about this curriculum, check out http://www.missiongeneration.org/

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