Child Sponsorship

Through each of our clinics, we run a nutrition program which has over 100 children at any given time. Each child on the program is weighed every two weeks and then, dependent on age, given formula and vitamins (those under 1 year old) or a whole milk powder, a protein supplement, and vitamins (those 1 year and older).​

The program started when Leslie discovered how many women become pregnant while still nursing a child under 1 year of age – a child who still desperately needs breastmilk, but because of the new pregnancy, is unable to get all the nutrients needed from their mother’s milk. So, she started helping these families with formula for their little ones, and from there it has grown to include many different needs including Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and just a general failure to thrive. Children are on the program until they weigh 23 lbs at which time they are generally are a little over 2 in age.

​If you are interested in learning how you can sponsor one of these children, ​email or contact me directly.


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