Dr. Harold Caballeros is the founder and president of San Pablo University.  We know and are convinced that God has called us to partner with him for the educational piece of Adonai.  His heart is in transforming the country through education and most importantly with the love of Christ.  And so, he came to Canilla to sign the official papers with Duane as we agreed to go forward together as one.



The San Pablo students did a great job in welcoming him and preparing the room for him to speak.





The official program was delayed a week due to rain the not being able to travel in the plane, but he finally had the opportunity to address the people with his message of transformation… challenging the churches and the people to grasp this vision.  He believes that we are all in this together and that the church plays a big part in growing up young people.  Fortunately, there is a growing group of young people in town that is catching the vision and pressing into what God has for them.



This is the official meeting place called the “salon” in town.  Here are some of the people who came to hear what Harold said.


He came for a brief meet and greet at the school before going to town.  At this time he challenged the students to set a high standard as they will be the first nursing class to graduate from San Pablo.  They offer other career courses, but we are paving the way for them to add nursing to the careers that students can study through San Pablo.


I am always impressed with what can be made from Styrofoam and tissue paper.  These decorations are impressive for this area!  And we were proud of how well the students did.







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