Tour of Canilla by Air

One of the questions that people always ask is “Is the hospital and school on the same property?  How far away from the school do you live?”  I am going to give you a tour in pictures.




This is the hospital property on the right and then the housing for mostly everyone on the left.  It is a two minute walk from one property to the next and we do not own the property in between.

As for the houses, in the front there are two red roofs that make a sort of L shape.  I currently live in the one that is parallel to the road with short term visitors and Luis and Naomi and their family.


This is an updated view of the hospital property.  Each day it changes.  They have been working on the roof and will soon have the prayer room enclosed.


This is a view of the town of Canilla from the north.  As you look out of town, the road turns into a “V”.  As you follow this road, at the very top corner there is a patch of trees on the right and left side of the road.  The school property is the patch of trees on the right side of the road.


Here is a better shot of the school property.  There are many trees on the property which cover over the school, but the property if found in the middle of the photo


And here is a picture showing the distance from the school to the hospital.  The hospital is found in the upper right corner and you can hopefully identify the school in the middle of this photo – about half a mile apart.

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