Seminario is a class that the students have all year.  In a summary, the students set personal goals, class goals and community goals… research were the greatest need is… access the situation… create a proposal for a project…. collect funds for the project… work on the project… present it to the community… and then present a 126 page document of their work in which they are judged and graded by judges from outside the school in front of the general public.  Honestly, the students have probably put in close to 400 hours in on this project as well as much of their own money.  We are very proud of what they have done and how they carried themselves and represented the school.

Here is the project in pictures…

IMG_0203    IMG_0176

Preparing food for everyone at the dedication.


The students before the dedication

IMG_0208 IMG_0222

The director of the school accepting the resolution.


Cesar speaking to the community members that attended the dedication


The project that the students decided on was building a bathroom at a school that had only been in existence for two years.  The students had been using an above ground system and the students dug and dug and laid the foundation and built this bathroom from the bottom up with their own funds.


The bathroom that the students built – from the 8 foot deep hole for ventilation to the structure you see standing. (the students spent their Saturdays working on this project)

IMG_0258 IMG_0282

Activities for the students at the school



image image

Presentation in front of the judges and the community

image image image

This project was definitely a stretch for these students academically, of their time, of their money and of their hearts…. but as I watched during the dedication service, I could see that the students had built a relationship with the community.  They had done more than just give some money and food and walk away.  They had left something of worth and served as role models for the students in this small aldea.

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