Hospital Update

Honestly my knowledge of the hospital is minimal…. they make a lot of cement, make a lot of noise and are planning into the future for what they will need to open the first phase.  Just when they finish with one section, they begin a new phase.  Right now they are working on finishing the walls of the prayer room – and after that will be putting the final coat on the other walls.  A container was just shipped from Texas that has the roofing materials and hospital equipment.  The men continue to work hard daily towards the final product.  And we are reminded weekly of the need.



Canilla from the air.

IMG_9608 IMG_9604 image image

The well was sealed off after drilling for months.  We believe we reached the certainly of having an endless supply of water.

image image image image image image

The endless need for rock and sand to make the cement.

image image

The hospital from the air.

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