New Faces

June was a CRAZY month as we hosted two LARGE teams, had a family of 8 join our ministry as well as two other volunteers for the school and other random visitors during the month.  Needless to say, it was constant around here.  A constant that I welcomed because much of the help that has come will focus at the school, but it certainly made June fly by.  Here are a few of the new faces around here.

image image

Worship time with the team at the school and visiting the Gardners.

image image

Trevor doing a physics lab.

image image image image


Lauren and Taylor doing lab with the kids.


Megan, Lauren and Taylor


With new faces comes change and adjustment and living together in community.  It is not the natural way of doing things and it is not necessarily what we are accustomed to doing as Americans… but little by little, we are learning how to do this.  Each of these faces brings a heart for the people here, a heart for education and a desire to interact and love those that God places in their path.  And for this – I am thankful for these faces around here.

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