Let God Come





When we began our Spanish worship night, it was to provide an opportunity for our workers and families to seek the presence of God.  And as we have continued, God has been faithful to bring this group back week after week.  It is the young people that are hungry for something…. something that they cannot put into words.  Something that keeps them coming back.  And it is just what God has purposed for them here – to know God and to seek His truth.  So many of them have been broken – by their families, by the church, by broken promises.

It is something different – something different for them to experience.  And as I have learned, different many times teaches us more of who God is.  More of what God wants for us.  It has been my hope that these students can learn how to encounter God and hear His voice.  To know His truth.  And so we seek opportunities to open the door.  Opportunities for His truth to shine through.

These opportunities have brought about conversations that show how God is working in their hearts – how God is working in the hearts of all of us.  They are seeking acceptance.  They are seeking to know who this God is and what he has for them.  They are seeking to choose the right path.  And we want to encourage all of this.  I have seen change.  I have seen hope.  And this encourages me to press on.  Please pray for them.



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Currently my favorite Spanish worship song

Dame Tus Ojos

Dame tus ojos, quiero ver
Dame tus palabras, quiero hablar
Dame tu parecer

Dame tus pies, yo quiero ir
Dame tus deseos para sentir
Dame tu parecer

Dame lo que necesito
Para ser como tu

Dame tu voz, dame tu aliento
Toma mi tiempo es para ti
Dame el camino que debo seguir
Dame tus sueños, tus anhelos
Tus pensamientos, tu sentir
Dame tu vida para vivir

Déjame ver lo que tu ves
Dame de tu gracia, tu poder
Dame tu corazón

Déjame ver en tu interior
Para ser cambiado por tu amor
Dame tu corazón


Give Me Your Eyes

Give me your eyes, I want to see
Give me your words, I want to speak
Give me your likeness

Give me your feet, I want to go
Give me your desires to feel
Give me your likeness

Give me what I need
To be like you

Give me your voice, give me your breath
Take my time; it’s for you
Give me the way I should follow
Give me your dreams, your desires
Your thoughts, your way to feel
Give me your life to live

Let me see what you see
Give me your grace, your power
Give me your heart

Let me see inside you
To be changed by your love
Give me your heart

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