With Love…. the 100th Post

team bachi

I used to want to live to be 100.  It’s on my bucket list.  I still want to live to be 100.  I just want to be able to still encourage and serve other people when I’m 100 – which I know isn’t the majority.  When I was in college, I added making dinner for my children and their children on my 100th birthday to my bucket list.  I’m still working on it.

And so when WordPress told me that this was my 100th post, I knew there was significance to that.  This was the 100th memory I would be sharing…. and since 100 is a significant number, I wanted to show you some pictures of who I spend my days with and what I do….

First and foremost, I do what I do because God has called me here for this purpose in this time.  Over the last two months, God has confirmed over and over again that we need to take the opportunities in front of us to speak truth and to love.  God is love.  Jesus is love.  And sometimes all it takes is a little love to change someone else’s day.  I have tried this year saying, “Whatever you have for me today Lord” every morning and to go into each day afresh.

To me teaching is pouring out love onto my students every day.  Sometimes this is in the form of knowledge.  Sometimes this is in the form of a bandaid or some Tylenol or an encouraging note or firm discipline.  But each day holds the opportunity to display love.  Teaching is really just a tool to point them towards Christ.  But if they are excited about learning.  If they see the purpose.  They can exceed their own expectations.  Learning will draw them towards Christ as their eyes continue to be opened and see things afresh and anew.  Learning will draw them towards Christ when they hear truth and embrace challenges.

Over the years I have had 1832 students walk through my doors and into my classroom.  Each year I add more.  And each year the number of students I pray for and love upon grows.  Would you pray alongside me today…..


Hodaliz using a microscope


Sulmy testing the laws of physics


Victor, Bryan and Yonal watching their rocket fly


Shirley applying physics principles


Raul testing the soda cans


The challenges of physics for the Cuarto class


Jose, Bryan, Adrian, Victor, Tevan and Sergio


Maria, Lesly and Adriana


Adrian, Jose and Dopney trying to measure vectors


Kenley, Adrian and Ericka dissecting owl pellets

image image image

Christian,  Sandra, Mayra, Gaby, Sulmy, Shirley, Raul, Everaldo and Cesar ready to launch their cars for the Egg Drop Lab.


My Intro to Mathematics class in the University

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