Teaching to Remember


This is a arm that can be used to practice giving IVs and drawing blood.  Legally they can practice on each other, but it will be wiser and safer to practice first on the model!


In science, some of the concepts to teach are so difficult because they are difficult to envision.  In part this is why lab experiences are so important, to put into practice what you are learning in the classroom.  Part of what I have been doing during my time here is implementing these experiences in biology, chemistry and physics.  The students and teachers have never experienced hands on learning like this which makes it difficult at times to explain procedures.  But as light bulbs go off and I can see learning happening, it makes the time that goes into planning and preparation worth it.  Many, many thanks to my friends who donated this equipment to the school.  It stretches farther than you could ever imagine.  I have been creative with resources and much of what I need I can find here when I improvise.  I have rocks weighed out in sets, diagrams and posters hand drawn and plastic cups marked with quantities.  Now all three schools are pulling from these supplies and it definitely makes the learning more concrete!  We all thank you for the extension of the learning happening here!


Hands On Math!


Anatomy and Physiology




Physics and Chemistry



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