School Days


As a team, we worked at the school today. When we arrived we sorted all of the school supplies the church, school and others graciously supplied. (Thanks!) Everyone at the school was very thankful for the new supplies (thank you, thank you). We were able to clean the rooms at the school by scrubbing the walls and dusting the ceiling. The ladies worked on school projects for the English school such as making flashcards and games for the students to practice their English. While they ladies worked on school items, Jim painted and helped grill our delicious lunch. We ate lunch at the school with Aaron, Katie, and their family, the Director of the school, Greg, and his children. We worked at the school till around 4:30 and came back to rest. At sunset we walked with the Fickers to view the hospital property. The outline of the property is dug up so we could see the outline of where the hospital will be, very exciting! We ended the evening by enjoying some time together and making our plans for tomorrow. Thank you for your support and prayers during our trip, they are much appreciated and we can’t wait to tell you about the trip.


Jim grilling


Megan and Lisa working on manipulatives


Allison and Jim enjoying contact paper!


School supplies sorted and displayed


The hospital property – starting to dig!


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