Why We Are Here



This is my second trip to Guatemala. Since I knew basically what to expect, I was able to relax more and observe things I didn’t observe last year. One thing that I noticed when coming down this time was the amount of people with means traveling to Guatemala. I also noticed many people who appeared wealthy in Guatemala City. Guatemala City is not an extremely modern looking city. However, it still has people of means-like any other city.
As we flew over the mountains on the way to Canilla, I was once again struck by the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding countryside. It truly is God’s country. This area and the people of Canilla may not be modern, with all the conveniences like in the city, but the simplicity and beauty of the area with the surrounding mountains points your heart to God, the Creator of all beautiful things.
So why are we here? Not for the excitement of the city. Not for what the small village has to offer us, but for what we can offer them. What is that? Not school supplies and books. Not the English language or technology training- all of which are important and part of our day. We are here because we will come. We come to a people that no one else will come to. They are feared, looked down on, misunderstood. But we come. Come to share the love of Christ to a people in an area that others who have the means and ability would never venture. We come and we are blessed. ~Lisa


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