We have referred to the nursing school building as the Redemption Project and this project is all about redemption from the beginning to the end.  This building was a house of beauty years back when a robbery went bad and the woman that lived here was murdered.  Since that time, this house has been used as a house for prostitution, housed many wandering families, and has been an eye sore to this community.  As we prayed over possibilities for the school and a location, I felt a strong pull in my heart that this place would shine in the community. And so we spent 3 months trying to track down the owner of the house (the son of the woman who was murdered – he did not come to town ever because the roads were too bad and the house holds too many memories).  And since that time we have been cleaning and restoring the house to make it like new, or at least to comply with the government standards for a school.  Let’s take a look from beginning to now….

n17 n16 n15


n2 IMG_0038 IMG_0048[1]

And so we prayed over the place, wrote scripture on the wall to be covered by paint and radiate God’s truth.

n3 n4

In the back of the property there is a large section of land that we hope to use for agricultural projects.


And a few chicken coops that we are changing into houses for the families of our teachers…

IMG_0026 n14

And so as I walk the grounds, I see beauty all around and am remind that what others see as dust, can be turned into something used for His good… and so we continue to work with the promise that in January this place will be full of students eager to learn – and to understand the idea of redemption.

n13 n10

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