Sabbath Rest

Since we work all weekend and Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days, we take Wednesday off as our rest day.  This is the day that I like to explore something or go on a day adventure somewhere.  I catch up on emails and try to feel grounded.   Here are a few of the things we have done on our “day off”.

The closest town to us is San Andres.  It’s a 10.9 mile road that is dirt, with plenty of potholes, ridges, rocks, ditches and hills.  I should say hills, hills, and more hills.  It’s one of those challenges that’s sort of been established around here – to ride there and back.  And so I agreed to the ride this month with the crew.  We had a close call with a truck, numerous close calls to wiping out, we rode the last 5 miles in the dark, while downpouring, and the sweat blinding me.  How no one wrecked is still a mystery.  Our bikes were sort of pieced together and we only needed a wrench once on the ride.  Not bad.  David was riding Grace’s oldest bike – kind of like a unicycle.  None the less, about as good as adventures get around here!


We also have visited the Rio Grande….. a good hour drive from our house and then a good 40 minute walk down a STEEP grade.  We found a raging river at the bottom where we had a picnic, found a lizard, and explored.  It is always good to get a break and a change in scenery.  For me the highlight was finding this waterfall…. a clear trickle of water was flowing into this massive river of turbulent water and as I followed it, it led to a beautiful cleft.  So peaceful.  So quiet.  As I climbed higher and higher my eyes feasted on the beauty.


A termite nest in a tree….


The view from the cove.


The Rio Grande itself


The view from midway down our path.

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