Here Right Now

As I sat in front of a TV and watched a livestream of church, tears flowed down my cheeks.  Possibly from the high stress and demands of the last 7 days, possibly from flashbacks of times of livestreaming church in the past and missing that community, but most certainly from the presence of God.  As I reflected on how many people across the world were opting to do livestream of church that morning, it was definitely a defining moment for the church.  The church never has been and never will be defined by brick and mortar.  And so, in choosing to do church a little differently, we were choosing to unite on a different level right now. Rise up church!

There have been years of my life that livestreaming church was the norm when I was living over seas.  To be able to attend an English speaking church was a rarity and so, livestream was the only option.  The shared experience is an experience of spiritual intimacy, something that is probably lost in many families these days.  To sit with each other and choose worship, to choose to discuss or comment on the sermon, to focus together for that short period of time with others on worshiping and honoring God during this time of uncertainty.  It is opportunity to grow together spiritually in your core community of your home.  As we sing – Jesus is in this room, here right now, here right now – It is my hope that in each home where these words were sung, that there was a declaration going out over our homes that the presence of Jesus is ushered in and the peace that He brings will settle there during this time.

For most of us, livestreaming would not be the option as we crave to gather together and fellowship.  But let us look to the opportunity during this time as well to speak life into those with whom we gather.  This is a sweet opportunity that we don’t want to miss.  Engage with one another, worship together, be united.  Let us sing our praises together as one, united as one church and declaring that we will trust in He who is eternally faithful, even when we cannot see through the cloud.

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