A few of my favorite things


Those of you who know me well know that I like rabbits and I like basketball.  A little of both has been happening this month.  I guess it is fit that March Madness is in full swing.  I don’t even notice it really because my biological clock is reset to life in Latin America – and there is no March Madness.

I have had several girls come by the school and ask if I would help their basketball “team” this year.  I finally agreed and have been doing some instructing and playing.  It is much different here, I still don’t understand all of the rules, but I enjoy it just as much.



image image image


As for the rabbits, they’re a great source of protein.  The hope is to produce babies and raise a few on the side just like my family used to do.  So far we are 0 for 3 in keeping them alive long enough to do that.  This time I started with adults with the hope that I would decrease the time it takes to reproduce.

image  We climbed this mountain to get to the house where they sell rabbits.  Let’s hope it was worth it!image


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