In Like a Lion

Someone had to remind me that it was March.  To me it feels like June.  I guess March is always best when it comes in like a Lion and our like a Lamb.  For me that might hold true this month, we will see.  I picked up some extra courses as our Physics/ Math teacher was away for his wife to have their baby and spent quality time with some quality students.  I lost my voice in the process yet my brain completely flipped.  I found it difficult to talk in English and my brain much preferring Spanish.

There used to be a time of normalcy here where every week was the same it and it would be difficult to find a new blog even once a month.  We have entered into the world of constant change – with the exciting news being that I could send you something new that happens each day.


IMG_6636It is currently the dry season…. lots of dust, lots of fires in the nights in the mountains and great sunsets and sunshine on the mountains.  It will be like this for awhile.

image image Work continues at the hospital with more and more foundational walls being built.  Two-thirds of these walls have been poured and the men continue on their schedule to push forward.

image image image


School continues to be the routine around here – as we settle into a routine.  I am noticing this year that I feel a little more confident teaching although I am still not expressing and completely explaining like I would like.  How I even managed words last year I am not quite sure.  These students are both from our Cuarto and Quinto Bachi classes.

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