The Mark of a Servant


This is a sight that ALWAYS makes me smile.  This room is approximately 10×10.  It is actually the Guatemalan kitchen at the school.  What the kids are sitting on is the stove.  There are actually 10 kids in this small room, all intent on learning math.  While the teachers meet in the morning I watch the students gather in this room together.  And in the evenings they gather as well… and this is what it usually looks like.  Cesar at the board working out the homework and the students intent on his every word.  He is patient with them.  He asks if they need any more help.  He stays at the school each evening, waiting for students to return if they need help.  His unselfish heart and desire to learn are irreplaceable.  This picture does not to justice, but I wanted to share with you what life looks like these days for all of us…. we are in a small space, pressing forward as best we can…


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