A Very Merry Christmas


At our December widow reunion (which is what they call it in Spanish), we celebrated Christmas.  It is an American tradition to give gifts and not something that happens in Guatemala, due to the fact that no one has extra money.  We try to bless each family with something practical.  This year we bought blankets and buckets for each family.  More than likely, the entire family sleeps in one bed together.  It is probably made from wood slats covered in a reed mat or even just a reed mat on the floor.  This December has been unusual as we have had rain and cool nights.  When we were up there last week, I couldn’t help but think of how miserable the weather was.  It is the constant dampness that makes everything colder than it really is that promises for a gloomy day.  On the day that we met, we had to walk down to the clinic because the road was impassable.  This is supposed to be the dry season, but we have had rain for four days straight, during the cool part of the year.  In their buckets were daily items that are uncommon for them – soap, toothbrushes and paste, lotion – all items we often take for granted.  We shared part of the Christmas story and talked about Jesus’s provision for our lives.  This past year, the widows have become more creative in their basket making and have developed some pronounced skills.

IMG_0872[1] IMG_0875[1]


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