The last week has been filled with a wealth of good byes, a great deal of planning and packing, and sweet fellowship moments.  Although I often feel as if I’m in between two worlds, the last month has been lived in anticipation of what’s ahead and the balance of closing another chapter of my life.  I have been in between as I met with people I may not see for years.  I have felt in between as I tried to come up with a list of things that I should pack.  I have felt in between as all of the back to school stuff has been out and I am not going back to school this year.  My mind has not totally grasped the fact that life as it has been will be different.  This week as I said something about packing a friend commented, “Well if you forget something you can just get it there.”  And the truth is far from that.  Some things I can get there, but many things I will have to do without.  Living in a third world country is a change of lifestyle.  And so as I finish up my packing, planning, and preparation I know that the time has arrived where I will be landing on the other side of the cliff on Guatemala soil.  Although my heart will always be in between the two countries, my feet will be on Guatemala soil.  I will land in Guatemala Monday and fly to our little town of Canilla.  From there I will surely hit the ground running as there is much that lies ahead!Image


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