I find there is a pattern to the questions that I am asked…. with most people wanting to know what life is like there.  I wish I could transport you there so that you could see the area in which I live.  If you were to fly into our region, you would fly over many mountains and land on a dirt strip where there is a flat strip of land a few miles across. 

This area that you see is the town of Canilla and the surrounding mountains.Image

The “home” that I live in is approximately 1 mile out of town which would be the lower right hand corner.  It is just cut out of this picture, but here is a view that you can see the house as well as the dorm that is currently being built.  The tree in the middle of the photo divides the new building on the left and the current buildings on the right.  In the future, the hospital will be functioning on the right and the building on the left will be used for housing.   In the background is the town of Canilla.   Image



And this is the building in which I stay.  Infact, that is me on the front porch.  Also in this picture, you can see the water storage tank.  This is an apartment that is built onto the end of the clinic.Image 

This last photo was taken of the back field.  This is the view of the back fields.   Flat land is of an premium.  It is not the norm in our area.  Hopefully this helps to give you a greater visual of what my every day view holds.Image




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