Here’s a shout out to let you know that I am on Guatemalan soil and nestled in.  I cut it a little close this time ….. I’ll share a few positive and negative firsts to pass on….

 I had a hiccup last night when I realized where I normally keep my passport there was no passport.  And my desk where I keep my passport was sold in my yard sale.  So after me mentally being at my breaking point and tearing apart my house, I “accidently” found it.  I actually hadn’t taken it out of my carry on bag from my June trip to Guatemala.  Whoops!  I guess I was preoccupied when I got home.  Traveling point – know where your passport is at all times.

I had another first today as well…. when I travel I always have three bags and a backpack – two bags on wheels and dragging a large bag I call my body bag.  As I made my way in the door a gentleman asked if he could assist me to the check in counter.  In the twenty+ times I have struggled through the airport, this was the first someone assisted me so joyfully.  I was glad for the encouragement this morning.

My last first will be for those who know me well…. as I was flying today the girl beside me must have dreamt in her sleep and hit me.  For a split second I did almost hit her back, but after so many hugs this week, I had control of my reflexes and kept my hands from hitting back.  What a pleasant first 🙂 

Clinic in Chiminisijuan tomorrow….. Blessings to you as you read this!  Thanks for your prayers…. they got me here, now to just sustain me!

3 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Missed you at Monday night worship last night! Thought of you so far away– praying for you made you seem closer! Passed you house today–another excuse/reminder to pray! Excited for the adventure you are on!

  2. As someone frequently on the other end of your “reflexes” that girls has no idea how thankful she should be!! Got your letter update today… We will be praying for you!

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