Ceilings and Corridors and Cement

I know that some people are interested in the construction…. and what’s happening at the hospital property… and I will admit, when I took a quick walk through the walls of block this week, it felt alive  I could see people being cared for and beds moving through these corridors.  And as I spent some time in a hospital in the city, it made the desperation seem all that more real.  We won’t be able to treat everything.  We won’t be able to do everything.  In fact, we will be limited… but it will be an option.  It will be a place that brings life.  A place for healing.  Here are current pictures of where we are.



Walking into the courtyard  – the far end is the kitchen.


The operating rooms.


image image

The second corridor  – operating rooms and wards.  Above this they have started on the second story.


The wards


A panoramic of the courtyard… they are currently laying corridors around the outside.

image image

Finishing the walls


The latest corridor.  There will be a roof around this courtyard and it will be open air in the middle.

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