First Graduation

Two years sounds like a long time, but when I really reflect on time, I realize how short two years is, and how fast it is gone. We had the honor of graduating our first class and I will admit that I was proud, very proud of them when they walked off of that stage.

Graduation is done here much like graduation in the states. It is a ceremony. The students wore graduation gowns. We tried to make it as special as possible. Yet there were also a few contrasting differences. I will try to highlight what this ceremony looks like.



Putting on the togas and caps.


Carrying in the flag.




Signing of the Acta – the students all sign this document that they have completed all of the governmental requirements.


Comments from the students

IMG_9083IMG_8745 IMG_8733

This part was very touching… the parents each come to the stage and give their children a ring.  This showed how proud the family members were of their students.


The audience


Saluting the flag.


Parent’s speech.

IMG_8827 IMG_8807

Lighting of the candles and accepting the graduates by the families.


Passing on of the flag to the next class.

IMG_8898 IMG_8871 IMG_8852 IMG_8650

Family Time

IMG_8866 image

Proud of these girls!


So where does that leave us? Well, just another year in. We are prepping for next year and have offered two different careers in nursing – a three year program, and a one year program. And this year’s class will be promoted as well in our high school program and we will accept a new class. Where does that leave us – relying on God’s grace and wisdom …. That’s right where it leaves us.  Winding down and winding up and giving thanks for the opportunity to see our first class graduate.

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