Dia de la Familia


Most of the schools around here celebrate the day of the Mother (Mother’s Day), but we celebrate the Day of the Family because many of our students do not have mothers or fathers present here in Canilla.  On this day we invite the families to participate in different activities and the students did performances for their families.

For me it is an opportunity to see the students interact with their families and to meet caregivers of the students here.  I enjoy this part of the day just as much as the activities.  Here are a few pictures from our day.



Quinto performing their drama


Shirley and her dad feeding each other blindfolded


Students from Cuarto singing their song


Waiting for the day to start


Susan, Sharon and Rosa



Jose, Victor and Bryan



Luis talking to Tevin and Yonal



Maria’s family enjoying Iced Coffee


Hair Braiding by the spouses


Kenly, Sharon, Yakelin and Ericka


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