And then there was rain…. that one time….

It seems now as if it were just a dream.  I should have known that the rain was a little premature.  We had five straight days of rain.  More than I remember from last year.  And the heat lifted and it was cool again.  I could sleep at night and everything turned green.  And then it stopped.  Like I said, it was just a tease.  But during that time, the men were at the gate constantly asking for tractor work.  I hope their crops make it and the rains return again soon.  It has been ten days now without rain.

During that time they poured more cement, which proved to be a challenge as well since the rain effects the whole process.  Trying to time it can be tricky.


Emergency Room


Panoramic of the Interior Courtyard

image image image

Prayer Room Walls


Emergency Room Floor

School continues with a Semester Break in June.  Here are a few pictures of biology lab



It is basketball season here.  I have yet to figure out what constitutes basketball season.  There is no snow, no indoor gym and I am not sure why they pick the hottest, driest time of the year…. but I will go with it.  Some girls from town came to me to ask me to help them and I said no… and then their coaches asked me… so I tried to help with a few things and make sure everyone enjoyed the experience.  It is a community event for sure and the girls really, really care if they win or lose.  Granted for me it is a bit of a challenge since the rules are different, the language is different and they have never seen a court drawn on a piece of paper before.  Infact, in the last game we were not even sure who won or lost.  They celebrated as if they won, but then they were told that they wouldn’t advance.  Very vague. All in all, for me basketball has been a ministry for me.  My freshmen year of college I remember when God clearly spoke to me about using basketball as a way to glorify him and enjoying my time on the court.  And I had felt over the last year that I needed to do this here even though it was so different from in the states.  It is not a popular sport.  You have to convince them to run sometimes.  And it is a hard sport to play because it has so many rules.  What has made me smile the most through the whole experience is seeing the attitude change in the girls as I have tried to instill in them that their actions matter and can determine the outcome in a game.  I have been pleasantly surprised that God even gave me a little natural talent.  Now if I could only understand why they call a lay-up a triple.


Playing against San Andres


Our school playing


Playing in Canilla

During that time as well, I learned that driving in the mud on a motorcycle is like driving in the snow.  Too bad I have never driven a motorcycle in the snow.  I will need to practice before I take any trips up any mountains.

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