Opening Night




The first day of classes arrived and the ceremony was had.  I couldn’t help but think through it all ….that what we had talked about had really happened. I looked out over the crowd of faces as different people spoke and had chills thinking of how long some of them had waited for the opportunity. I watched their faces, read their body language and thought of their journey as well.  The Ministry of Health was here along with representatives from San Pablo, making the day a very full day, but one that also sang the praises of Christ.


During the teacher training, the representative from San Pablo spoke about Emotional Intelligence and multiple ways of teaching and learning and I was over joyed to hear her talk. Afterwards I had the opportunity to speak with her and share more and was so encouraged by the values and focus that she had for education. So thankful for all that this day help and for the opportunity in front of us.  Thanks for coming alongside us on this journey.



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