Webster’s defines foundation as an underlying basis or principle of something.

Right now is such an important time, in every area of the ministry as the foundation is being laid.  The principle is set.  First things are first things.  When I think about the fact that in ten, twenty or even fifty years, the work that is going into this year will still be continuing…. It makes me think of how important that foundation is.

I had a picture in my office that read “ The rains came, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”  Matthew 7:25 These words encouraged me daily to be sure that my foundation in my life was built on the Rock.  So many times it seems as if the winds are blowing and the rain is falling here as obstacles and set backs are the norm in this culture.  But if we can keep our focus on building the foundation, then we can trust that the Rock will sustain it.


This week we took a day to dedicate the hospital project to the Lord and shared with all those who are involved the purpose of moving forward.  Local mayors gathered to be a part of the ceremony as well as representatives from the school and many who have been involved with this project.


One of the most significant parts of the night was the burying of objects underneath this foundation – a Bible to represent Christ’s word and promises, wine to represent His sacrifice, wheat to proclaim that He is the bread of life, oil to represent the presence of the Holy Spirit and salt because Jesus is the salt of the earth… and also because salt is used as a preservative representing how we as Christians carry the responsibility to be the salt of the earth.  There symbols represent the foundation of why we are building this hospital – because we believe that Jesus wants to move amongst the people here.  And so, in a small hole in the center of the prayer room floor, nestled under the foundation will remain these things.


To read another perspective on the day, check out the Epperly’s blog at


Here the mayor of Uspantan is addressing the crowd.

Duane took this as he flew over.  You can see the hospital ground better than ever!  The darker lines are the trenches that have been dug and filled with footer.  The white lines are waiting to be dug and the tents are in the middle of the hospital.  If you look closely beside the buildings on the side, you will see me in a grey sweater.  I was waving 🙂

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