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This isn’t really ground breaking because we have been working at the hospital property for many months.  All of those loads of dirt have been prepared and David officially began to dig the footings for the hospital.  Inside the footings the men are laying rebar and then will pour the cement for the foundation.  As I walked across the property I had chills thinking…. This really is happening.  This property no longer will look like a field.  The project really is going forward.   Not a day has gone by without work being done or at least mental work as talk of the project is almost unavoidable around here at times…. But it is exciting to see all that is needed to be in one place. Another thing I have noticed as this project continues forward is how much pride the Guatemalans that are working alongside of us have in this project – the men that are doing the manual labor.  To me some much of the work that they are doing is redundant and requires a lot of physical labor in the hot sun, but as the hospital takes more and more shape, they can see it too.  It really is happening.


The Epperly’s have come for their stint for this year as they are the first of the DOCS group that comes through here.  The kids enjoyed the footings as we took a look at all that was happening this evening.  It was like an underground maze.  If you would like to learn more about this family or the DOCS group, check out their blog here


I have upgraded, although I’m not sure I want to call it an upgrade.  I still prefer exercise over laziness.  But this set of wheels has already saved me much time in running errands for the school this week.  Thanks to all who supported my new mode of transportation.  It will suit me well.  The first time I took it to town, someone from the barber shop had to help me start it.  I think I have a permanent bruise from where the kickstand indented my shin.  And I have learned that cows move when you try to maneuver through them, but horses just kick you.  Very good things to know when riding a motorcycle.

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