Construction is Happening!









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Cement. Sand. Block. Dirt. Backhoes.  Rock Crusher.  These are the words that are constantly being discussed now.  For those of you interested in the construction, I wanted to share some recent pictures with you so that you can see the progress.

At the hospital…. the team house is being built to house construction teams that are coming down to help.  The land is being prepared.  The rebar and block has been collected.  And the guys are perfecting the cement making process.


image image


And at the school the new classroom is being constructed to welcome two new classes of students.  We did not have a room large enough to house the number of students that we are expecting next week for registration.  And we also did not have a room large enough for a class of 25 students.  And so we are building a room to serve this purpose as fast and efficient as possible!

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