Cultural Effects

As we debriefed as a group, I always enjoy seeing things through the eyes of someone looking fresh at a culture. Even if it was the dogs that repulsed them or the sound of a marimba at night that they could have done with out. These are the things that I don’t see anymore. Things that I have forgotten about. Yet things that scream Guatemala. Embracing and living within a culture is difficult and there will always be things that are counter cultural. Being surrounded by friends though is like having a piece of home here… and so I cherish the days that we spent together and have tidbits to share from each of them …

Things we loved
Laughter of the children and seeing the smiles on their faces
Being greeted everywhere we went and others actually talking to us on the streets
Mountains – everywhere
Beauty of country
Puppies (3 of them living right next to our room)
Family atmosphere
Seeing the vision and hospital
Respect for culture

Cultural difficulties
Language barrier
Being careful not to offend people
Sanitation/ lack of
Transportation/ difficulty of travel
Dogs – everywhere and not looking healthy

I speak on behalf of everyone that this week gave a window into the life and ministry that is in full force in Guatemala. The favorite part of the week was being able to experience first hand the presence of God. Seeing the hospital ground and the school and seeing how the pieces all fit together. Thank you to all who have been a long on this journey.












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