A Visit to Chiminisijuan

Our last day here we were able to visit a village high in the mountains to collect baskets and share a message with the widows in that area. This was a sweet ending to our time here as we were able to see the homes and area of the people from this area. This project has been ongoing with a focus on helping the widow’s provide for their families. They make baskets from the pine needles around their homes and the sale of these supports their daily needs. They are able to make as many baskets as they can make in a month and then they bring them to the clinic once a month. During that time, there is an encouraging word that is given, we ask about their lives and we collect their baskets. This month we also brought a few things for the kids and played with them a little bit. Jaxs with Jim was a big hit! Lisa shared about her own struggles and related to the women, and then we headed home. Here are a few pictures from our day!



Counting baskets


Miguel proud of his jax skills


Flor talking to a widow


Learning how to make a new item (coming in July)


Lisa sharing with the group of women


Playing with the kids


Walking to the clinic


How we roll


A group shot

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