10,000 Reasons


It is finished.  That line rang in my head numerous times today.  It is finished.  Jesus used this line before he bowed his head and took His last breath here on Earth, but in contrast to this, this thought of “it is finished” is one to rejoice about.  After days of Duane’s life spent on the phone, waiting in lines at banks, and traveling…. it is finally finished.  The money transfer didn’t go as smoothly as we imagined.  The Guatemalan government and banking systems had plenty of bends in the road, but the important thing is that we are moving forward still and the land has been turned over.


We spent the afternoon praying over the land, walking the land and rejoicing in what God put together in the last few months.  The finances from the land did not just come from a few wealthy people, but from a conglomeration or people who wanted to see the fruit of our prayers.  And so, it is with this confidence that we proclaim the land as God’s masterpiece and trust Him to continue with His plan.  Dream with us of what will be….


The future site of the hospital


The operating rooms and labor and delivery.


The front gate


” For all Your goodness I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find”

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