Piece by Piece

This morning I watched an older man filling a sack from his wheelbarrow along the canal.  As I approached him I thought he was collecting firewood, but in reality, it was dried cow patties.  He asked how I was doing and what I was doing there, and I had a short conversation with him.  As I walked away I pondered his morning.  He was collecting the droppings of cows that had dried, putting them in a sack, and then carrying them on his back to his house more than a mile away, up a steep revine.  Prior to my encounter with this man, another man approached me and after the usual greeting asked if I liked it in Canilla.  Although I am not new to the area, I am assumed to be new because I am white and look like the rest of the new folks around here with the school.  There is a sort of energy that is present when townies talk about the school.  They are encouraged by the hope and possibilities that are coming….. And I think to myself, if they only really knew where this was going.  The vision keeps growing.  I have not had the time to sit down and update everything to keep you in the loop, yet I feel like it is extremely important.

One of the things that I am most excited about is the people that God is assembling here.  the last six weeks we had complete chaos and craziness as people were coming and going, some for the first time and some long time friends.  All in all, it was good to all be one the same page and unified.  Here is definitely something that we can’t deny God’s hand is in, on and around all of this….  Two stories from you.  One written last April….and the next two from two of this pieces of the puzzle….. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest…..

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