Odds and Ends

January was a month of change where we were unsure of where all the sticks would fall, but we have come through on the other side…. And continue to gather confirmation of the path we are on.  Here is what we have been up to….

School news-  Monday we will begin classes for four different schools.  To me that is an explosion of the original idea, but as we walked the path and weighed options, we know that we did not want to just create a dead end for those students who have potential to study further.  And so we are opening two different nursing schools, one for auxiliary nursing and one for professional nursing.  We also are opening a bachillerato de biologia which basically is a pre med  program focusing on biology.  These students will be able to go onto medical or technical school.  The last school is an English school where we will be teaching, children, young adults and adults.  This school will also eqip those in our area for others jobs where knowing English is beneficial.


It is always encouraging when we have a random find in the bodega that greatly benefits someone.  A few months ago, someone donated some hearing aids that greatly have changed lives down here.  See the smiles on these faces.



A week ago we had 41 plates at our table.  Between teams, visiting doctors, and those that have made their home here…. We are becoming a formidable force.  Recently a Guatemalan doctor and his wife were here with a confirmation story for us all.  Both of them had hearts of gold to serve these people and it was seen from early on.  We continue to host people and rotate doctors through, trusting that God makes his way known in the midst of the chaos at times.

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