Global Missions Health Conference

This week I am at the Global Missions Health Conference and connecting back with the roots of missions.  It is an opportunity for us to connect with others that are doing just what we are doing as well as explore other partnerships out there.  My time in the states has been fruitful and I have been blessed.  It truly is living on this bridge in between two worlds.  This week I am surrounded by thousands of others that share in that experience as well.  It is always good to see how others have done something before embarking on the journey ourselves.  Keep me in prayer this week as I seek out partnerships around the globe.  Sometimes at events like this it can be overwhelming getting direction.

I head back to Guatemala on November 11th and will reconnect with posts then on the updates of the hospital and nursing school.  Encouraging news is that we have begun the remodeling of the nursing school and restoring the building.  I am very excited for this project as it taking something that has been destroyed and making is new! 

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