Digging In



Another clinic day seeing different patients and learning the ins and outs of life here in Guatemala.  We spent the morning in clinic and then the afternoon with the missionary community here playing with the kids and participating in community worship.  Community is a word that defines life here and as we debriefed from the day, we reflected on how important this community is to one another. When we take away the distractions of  our normal lives, we are able to focus more on what God is saying to us and where He leads. Father break our hearts for what breaks yours!

We have been transplanted into this community here and they welcome us and answer our questions that we have graciously.  This world here and the world in which we exist in the states is so much different.  And so we spend much time reflecting on this in comparison to what we have always known.  Today we spent much time with the kids that live here and call this place home and it was a stark reminder of what their lives are like as kids that are so different from what our lives were like at this age.  They embody maturity and understanding greater than was expected of us for sure!

Sunday is our Sabbath here and we will be spending it reflecting on the first part of the week and drawing nearer to what God has for us individually here.

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