Open Gates

How are things progressing at the hospital?  What is your patient load?  What changes have happened?

These are all questions that I get on a regular basis.  And ones that are difficult to answer because each week it is different.  Except the fact that the people keep continuing to come.  More people are coming on scheduled clinic days and the ultrasound, pediatric room, chronic room and general consulta rooms are getting a lot of use.  The laboratory is up and running as well as the pharmacy.  Take a look at what it looks like with people.


image imageimage

 They accepted their first overnight guest a few weeks ago, a little boy who had severe pneumonia.  His family works for us so it gave us grace in being able to figure out how best to work out shifts and care.  But as the clinics expand, they will be taking in more overnight patients and more critical needs.



 Staff are being hired and trained and numbers are being added weekly. 

  image image

They are finishing the roof for the second story which will be on call/ office space/ classrooms.



The operating rooms are near completion and will be ready to roll when the physicians and staff are able to take on that responsibility.



Along with that, will be the birthing rooms and postnatal care.


They are finishing the last of the walls and everything is looking more pristine each day.  There are so many small, small details that go into a hospital from what happens in the office to medical records to sheets and new staff and the kitchen.  The amount of decisions that have to be made are endless.




As I flew over the hospital and watched it come to life in front of my eyes, I am reminded over and over again of God’s faithfulness.  Of the itty bitty parts of a vision have come to reality.  And how God’s words have not fallen on deaf ears.  If you build it, they will come.  And that has been true.  There are so many small, small pieces that have gone together to make this a reality and God deserves all of the credit for that one.

image image  image image image

The prayer room is getting more use and putting Christ at the center of all we do.

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