Phase One Opening

The Day clinic part of the Hospital is officially open.  Here are some pictures from the first day of clinic.






The undertaking of a hospital in a third world country is no small task.  And as I sifted through pictures, I thought it would be appropriate to show just what it has taken for these walls to open.


All sand and rock had to be brought from the river.  And then crushed.  Sifted.  And then washed so as to make strong enough cement.



The ground was built up so that it was flat and at the correct elevation.

10978716_782278781864602_6239634984061476472_n 11000350_784338314991982_8187777408572522689_n

The footers were dug.  Foundation poured.  All of the rebar had to be cut and bent by hand and tied together.



Plumbing and electrical work had to be completed before floors could be poured.

IMG_6901 IMG_0079

Crews worked together to mix cement and pour it – room by room.

IMG_7537 IMG_9604 IMG_9586

Walls were erected block by block with reinforcement columns to make sure the building was earthquake proof.


The well was dug to ensure that the hospital never ran out of water.

IMG_3433 IMG_4119

Pipes were laid to connect the sewer system and the second floor/ roof was poured.

IMG_1256 13076798_1026315450794266_5634468912787654208_n

The roof was constructed from steel and each piece was welded together.  And then the insulation and roofing was attached.


Interior walls were erected and electricity and plumbing connected in each of the rooms.


The sewage tank was dug,  Poured.  And dried.

IMG_1110 IMG_1154

All of the block had to be covered twice by a coating on the block to create smooth walls.  The floors were cleaned, stained and coated.

image image image

Finishing touches like drywall and closets were constructed.  Each window, door , cabinet and table had to be made from scratch and installed.


The truth is that this only details a little snapshot of what when together to build this.  God truly has brought together a team – of workers, donators, financial supporters, staff.  There are so many other steps that I won’t even highlight.  You get the point.  It has been a lot of work.  All starting as an act of obedience to what God has asked Adonai to do.


Here is the old clinic.


And here stands the new one.

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