I dreamt of rain last night. And each day it is impossible to not hear conversation about rain. Right now the valley is covered by a heavy haze from burning fields along with gusts of dust from then the wind picks up every speck of dust and blows it across the land. It is hot. It is dry. It hurts to go barefoot as the ground is mostly thorns and crunchy grass. Sweat is inevitable.  Just sitting.

Yet I remind myself daily that many others areas of the world are more desolate than this. At least we have trees and mountains. At least there is a breeze. At least we have sunshine. And an occasional cloud. I find myself searching more for the things to be thankful for than not thankful about. I want a heart of gratitude.  Even when it seems like the land is parched and I am parched of life.  I want that grateful heart that sees the good.

Often we find ourselves parched, or at least I have. Where I want to have that drop of rain, or drop of the Spirit, or drop of peace where I would feel not as dry. Thankfully these times are not constant. Thankfully when we call upon God and ask for rain, he brings it. Not in physical form, but in spiritual form. And with the first drop of rain, we find ourselves desperate for the next one and the next one. There is nothing greater than a shower of God to remind us of His faithfulness and refreshment.

Last night I dreamt of rain.  And today I felt a raindrop.  And saw the trace of precipitation on the ground.  The rains will return.  The freshness will return. Just as God brings refreshment to the ground.  He brings it to all of us… and so… we press on.  With the hope of what is to come.  Day by day.  Parched or full of life.

Hebrews 6:7

For ground that drinks the rain which often falls on it and brings forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake it is also tilled, receives a blessing from God.


Here is a contrast in the difference in the grass.   The green area received water from the canal for an hour and immediately was green the next day.  The brown grass is what it looked like the day before.  This brown patch was elevated too much and the canal water never touched it.  Soon we will turn all brown areas green.

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