Tunnel Vision


I remember when I started traveling, and I began to see the world from a bigger perspective than just the small town living that I was accustomed to. I took in all of the sights and sounds and places and cultures. And then I went to college and I heard the word “worldview” for the first time… and I felt like my ideas and how I saw the world and my perspective on life changed – drastically. No longer did I see life through blinders that were up where I only saw what existed around me. And then I went to Guatemala for the first time and Mexico and the Dominican Republic…. And I saw poverty and needs differently. And God opened up that vision even more. It’s like the walls beyond my vision were knocked down and I began to see the world even differently. And yet, as I continue to live here, and I continue to live in a culture that is still foreign to me. As I continue to seek after what God has for my life and the purpose that is in front of me, another wall has been torn down. Instead of just seeing the physical world and considering all that is here on earth, it is like other walls have fallen and I see things that were in front of me all the time, and yet I didn’t see them before. I viewed the world leading up to this point was through tunnel vision, and yet now I see peripherally. A simple concept to many, but something that I think I have taken lightly until recently. This is how it has felt through other moments of my life as well, when I saw what was in front of me and all of a sudden, I saw the pieces that went together to create the bigger picture.

I do not want to have tunnel vision. I do not want to see just what I can see directly in front of me. I want to be able to see around me. I want to see need for what it really is. I want to see life for what it really is. I want to see the world for what it really is. I want to see what is in front of me in the physical and the spiritual and to understand what implications that has for my life.

And so… I press on… to see past the tunnel….

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