Finishing Touches

The hospital continues to complete the final touches – drywall, water and exterior corridors for Phase One. There are windows in the rooms, the floors have been stained and sealed. The interior walls have been framed, electrical circuits have been placed and drywall has been hung. Walls have been painted and the roof has been placed. We are still weeks/months away from moving the clinic over to the clinic rooms, but we no longer have to visualize what it will look like. The structures are in place to be able to start to really see what it will be like to have people coming through the gates.


Finishing the walls of the kitchen.


Bringing in dirt for the interior courtyard.

image image

Drywall and windows for the admissions office and laboratory.


Staining and sealing the floors.


Cabinets for each of the rooms and the dental suite.


God’s beauty as he paints the sky and reminds us that this is all his.


The kids have a new place to play with the water storage tanks.


Framing the walls.


The  front corridor.

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