Another Semester

The idea of having a university here in Canilla had been just talk for many years.  And often it seemed an overwhelming thought…. but as we pursued other options for nursing programs.  As we realized the difficulty that it would be for those from this area.  As different doors continued to close – and other doors opened – we were led to begin this nursing program here.  It is government approved, Ministry of Health approved, and all of the hundreds of hoops that we had to jump through have been completed.  Maybe.  These are unchartered waters.


Last semester I taught the math course – focusing on skills they would need within the nursing profession and critical thinking skills.  This semester I am teaching biology.

The format here is like those working on their master’s program in the states.  Most of the students here work during the day and then take courses at night.  It is dark.  The students are tired.  And honestly I really am teaching them how to study and retain information, just as much as I am teaching biology.  We believing in raising the level of education.  We believe in teaching values and challenging students to do more than they thought they could.  And so we continue to forge on.  We continue to lay foundations.  And we continue to pray for the hearts of each of these students.


image image



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