In Canilla

Today we worked as a team at the school. We helped with projects such as planting an herb garden, cleaning the classrooms and talking with teachers to learn ways we can help them with their classes. The students are on a one week break, so this gave us the opportunity to help with projects that can only be done when the kids are not there. Since they have school every day of the week from morning until night, it is a challenge for the teachers to get caught up with things or even get ahead. In the afternoon, we researched activities to help the teachers with their classroom lessons. Then we all took a break and headed down to the river in the Canilla Valley. Because we have been having very dry and warm days, the cool river felt good to all. It was relaxing to see the beauty of the countryside and listen to the flowing of the river. We also found many interesting rocks and plants. The climb out of the river valley was a challenge for most. But the enjoyment of the experience was worth the trip and left us feeling thankful for the blessings of the day. ~Lisa


Megan’s planting partner Anna


Jim preparing the beds and the ladies planting (thanks Jim for your sore muscles tomorrow)


Megan and Allison exploring the rocks


Beauty at the river

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