Mornings in Canilla

Dust.  This time of year, it seems as if it’s a way of life here.  It seems to cover everything.  I had a flashlight on this morning as I awoke and it reminded me of a steady snowfall in Pennsylvania.  My windows are closed, I face the back of the house…. and still….. I cannot escape the dust!  I sat there and wished that each particle of dust I was inhaling was nourishment for our bodies.  But reality quickly settled in making me wonder if the dust I inhaled throughout the night was pure dirt or a mixture of horse, cow and pig droppings.

The next observation I had came as I left the door.  I realized how many things I see in the mornings and don’t think twice about.  I watched my neighbor walk her granddaughter to the corner and then part ways.  The girl left on her bike to town and the grandmother left with her bucket of corn to take to the grinder.  Because I leave earlier in the morning now, I pass children on the street on the way to school.  They are clean and dressed, their hair done perfectly and carrying backpacks of books.  I enjoy seeing these kids as they smile and giggle at the American who is pedaling by on her bike.  I am heading to school as well, and greet the slightly older children who left their homes before dark as well to arrive at the school for classes.  The grandmother took her corn to grind for the day’s tortillas.  How easily I could keep my eyes narrowed towards a few things and not notice this world around me.  The dust is something I could easily do without, but the smiles of my neighbors and the joy of kids going to school…. I am very grateful for.

There are also men riding their bikes to town, men working on building walls and chopping wood, women making tortillas and tending to little ones.  Some are walking towards town, some are walking from town, but they are all on the move.  The morning is a great time here in Canilla.  A reminder to me that we all are heading towards somewhere.

I glanced up from the road to see mountains surrounding this valley.  No sign of life.  No sign of homes or people.  No sign of civilization.  And yet, there is civilization all around.  There is progression forward and a hope for these people.  If I only looked out, I would see trees and dust and could miss the world happening around me.  I know we all easily do this as well.  We get into our routine and go from one place to the next.  Be encouraged to see the smiles on the faces of those around you…. or better yet, be the reason for the smile on the faces of those around you!


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