An afternoon with the widows


Time with the widows may be one of the times where I feel most content here.  I think in part it’s because the kids that come with their moms are less afraid and respond to you more than most of the kids here and I feel like I can talk to them and play with them a little.  I also get to watch how the widows respond and see their faces and hear what’s on their hearts.  Since knowing their hearts and understanding the culture is something that resonates with me, it is something that I enjoy here.

Teaching is something that flows in my blood and I have learned is something like a drug.  Drugs elevate the good chemicals within your body and it is often noted that one gets “high” on drugs.  Well I really enjoy teaching and find that when I have the opportunity to see someone else learn a new skill or discover something new, it is something that can give me a “high” as well.  Although sharing a devotional with them is a little different and done quiet different that I would in the states, it still has an element of teaching that enables me to feel as if I am doing what I was born to do.


The classroom is the open air and the pupils crouch low on boards that are held off the ground by cement blocks.  The air is cool because of the altitude and the impeding rain and the sun that peeks through the clouds casts rays of light on the moss covered rocks on the ground in front of me.  Dogs sleep around us, children lay on their mothers laps and two year old Silveria wanders around the people exploring as a normal child would.  Today she is dressed in a white sweater (well it was white before the dirt got the best of it) and a bright pink hat woven hat that looks just like one I wore on Easter Sunday when I was about five.  On clinic days she often screams when I lift her to weigh her, but today she actually lets me touch her and smiles.

I find myself conforming to their culture as much as I can.  I crouch low on a bench to the side of them and not in front and sit and wait as they enter.  At times glace away from them as I am sharing.  I used to wonder if they were listening as their eyes focused beyond me, but I have come to know that they take in every word that is said along with every move.  I have been sharing stories that show the character of Jesus and today I shared of his willingness to heal.  I have been sharing in English, then it’s translated to Spanish by Leslie and then again to Ki’che by Flor.  Today was the first time I shared in Spanish – with my cheat sheet that Flor helped me with so I didn’t stumble too much through my words.  She does a good job explaining to them in their language what I can barely express.  She expounds and gives detail that I would struggle to even comprehend.  I am grateful for her help.


Here is the short version of what I shared  – In English and then Spanish so that you can be right there with the widows!


The Bible is a book that was written by many different people.  When Jesus was alive he lived on Earth with all of the people and traveled from place to place teaching.  Some of the stories in the Bible were recorded by more than one person.  This story is in the Bible three times and is significant.

Read  Mark 5:25-34

To me this story is important because the woman did not have to do anything to be healed.  She didn’t even have to ask Jesus.  It was just her willingness that healed her.

For 12 years she was desperate for change.  When she heard that Jesus has traveled to her town, she had faith that he could heal her.  She only had to touch him for her life to be changed.

Many times in our lives we really want change.  Jesus showed us that no one is too insignificant.  He cared enough about the women to heal her after so many years. He cares about you just as much.

It has been 2000 years since he has lived on earth, but he loves us as much as he loved this woman.  Remember that this story is in the Bible three different times.  It is a reminder to us that Jesus cares about us and wants us to reach out to him.


La Biblia es un libro que fue escrito por muchas personas diferentes.

Cuando Jesús estaba vivo vivió de la Tierra con toda la gente y viajó de un lugar a otro dando clases.

Algunas historias en la Biblia fueron registradas por más de una persona. Esta historia está en la Biblia tres veces y es significativa.

Marque el 5:25-34
Para mi esta historia es muy importante porque la mujer no tuvo que hacer nada para sanarse.

No tuvo que pedirle a Jesús que la curara. Tan solo por su fe y misericordia de jesus ella fue sanada.
Durante 12 años necesitaba el cambio. Cuando oyó que Jesús habia viajado a su ciudad, tenía la fe que la pudiera sanar.

Sólo tuvo que tocar el manto de jesus para su sanacion.
Muchas veces en nuestras vidas realmente queremos el cambio.

Jesús nos mostró que nadie es demasiado insignificante. Se preocupó bastante por las mujeres para curarlas después de tantos años.

Se preocupa por ustedes.
Han sido 2000 años desde que jesus vivio en la tierra, pero nos ama tanto como amó a esta mujer.

Recuerde que esta historia está escrita en la Biblia tres veces de diferentes formas. Y es un recordatorio hacia nosotros para que entendamos de que el cuida de cada uno, solo debemos de estirar nuestro brazo hacia el para que el  pueda sanarnos.


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