A sneak peak


On a morning stroll up the mountain, you would see the sun peeking over the top of the mountain to the east…..


And awakening the birds and other critters along the way.


A tuk-tuk, sort of like an open air taxi that takes people into town.


The clouds settle in during the night and linger until the sun is high in the sky.  This is a view over the valley.  Our house is just out of town, but this picture shows you the town of Canilla.


A typical Guatemalan home made of block.  Other homes here are made of adobe.  This is new construction going up in our valley.


A downfall to our house is that we are within half a mile from the cemetery and the town dump.  The rich people are buried above ground and the poorer people in the back.  Some mornings I’ll run around the cemetery as it is quiet and usually free of people at this time.

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